'Since i discovered PW's Strength cards, my training sessions have got off to a very strong start!

If you have ten minutes for an Icebreaker:

Lay out the 75 cards randomly. Ask each delegate to pick 3 strengths that reflect them best. Then go round the group, asking each to explain why they chose the cards they did. Its amazing how it gets people who've just met chatting like old friends!

Write the strengths up on a flipchart. Hey presto, you have already listed most of the strengths they'll need to complete the course successfully!'

Jill Kent - Bemix

'An excellent tool to have in the drawer!

I work with a range of ages providing information, advice and guidance on careers and education. One of the jobs I do is writing CVs. I often find it difficult to get clients to identify their strengths and key skills. Not anymore!! Plucky's World Strengths Cards are pretty amazing! They are a distraction for the clients as they have something to do, they are written clearly and are colour coded which puts the strengths into workable groups and they are a fun tool to use.

I would recommend Plucky's World Strengths Cards to anyone trying to help people to identify/unlock/rediscover their strengths and skills.'

'Thank you for the amazing work you do.

I really enjoyed the session and now have some amazing resources and tools to use in conversations with our young people! I can’t wait to put them into practice and see it have a positive effect on our entrepreneurs.

Not only that, but it’s got me thinking about my own strengths and values and how important it is to recognise these.'

L.P. - Prince's Trust

'The initial feedback was fantastic!

It will become even greater as the team starts to appreciate the value of the Plucky's World cards and how to get the most out of them.

When I first asked you to provide the Plucky's World intro to the South East England team I knew they would benefit from your wise, compassionate and engaging delivery. I now know just how much you exceeded my expectations.

On behalf of the whole team, thank you'

K. P. - Prince's Trust